after some weird stuff with daddy’s address for the billing info getting fixed, my pretty glass toy is on it’s way

I made a twitter to mesh with this account as opposed to just my regular twitter, so I can talk about stuff I dont want everyone to see! it’s locked, so just shoot me a message if you follow me on it and tell me who you are and ill accept it! it’s mostly just to keep bots and creepy or irl people out! 

here it is!

i see so many pictures of sex toy collections on this blog and i frown at them like 90% of the time and i just want to message all of the thousands of people and tell them while jelly dildos and toys are adorable and inexpensive they are really not body safe and if you use them at all use them with condoms but you should really just not use them

apparently sale price wouldn’t apply to the deal but it’s still