whoops haven’t been on this blog in like a month

but i see daddy again in less than a month!!

i also dyed part of my hair pink 

as an apology for my absence have this picture of my butt

im so tired and sore and gross feeling and i feel very little and vulnerable and i just want a hug but not onluy is daddy like a thousand miles away hes at work so i cant even talk to him

Please, you know you have a bit of a voyeuristic streak in you~ I remember you mentioning how much you'd love me to tease you in public, where nobody would see, and make you grow more and more desperate for me until we got home and you wouldn't even wait until we got in the bedroom, we'd already be taking our clothes off as soon as the door closed~ It was a long time ago, but I remember, princess~

Random strangers in public are different from my roommates I se literally 24/7

Then Daddy's gonna undress you and put you on your knees so you can satisfy your oral fixation~

I am in the living room mister

Daddy's gonna dress you up in pretty pink dresses and do twirls so I can enjoy every inch of your precious little body~



"Hey, I was just thinking, if Ouran helped you realize your Daddy kink, does that mean you think of me as the Tamaki to your Haruhi~?"

Daddy is watching ouran and I think I opened a can of worms WHOOPS

really shitty anxiety things; stress hives 

my neck and jaw on my right side are all rashy bc i’m freaked out about school

dumb baby skin

I always forget how weird art school is till I talk to people who go to normal college and they’re like 

'you have six hour classes??? what the hell'

oh my gosh fuckyeahjohnrose reblogged an old skype convo with my daddy that i posted where we talked about kinky homestuck shit i can’t stop laughing 

they tagged it #woah nelly nsfw